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Protect your Crypto Wallet with DWP NFT

It is made by hand, with gold and silver color and digitally processed into NFT format, so we could only make 99 copies. Each of the 99 copies is an original and only the original has the described energy impact and power over its user.

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Times we live in, are times of great changes and turmoil. Most of the usual mechanisms of functioning in our society have begun to disintegrate. This has led to increasing economic instability and unpredictability. The financial sector is considered to be the most sensitive to these changes, which is why we are witnessing major changes in the money sector during this period. Traditional forms of saving are becoming less attractive and reliable.

Funds invested in traditional currencies are losing value because of high inflation. In response to all these processes, alternative forms of money have emerged - cryptocurrencies. A developed cryptocurrency market not only enables efficient savings, but also - if we act properly in this area - it also enables the possibility of good earnings. And not just for banking structures, but also for ordinary people.

The cryptocurrency market is significantly more sensitive to what is happening in the world, which means that its exchange rate fluctuations are greater than the exchange rate fluctuations of traditional currencies. Which, on the one hand, allows for higher earnings when trading cryptocurrencies, and on the other hand, there is a higher risk of losing savings. If we want to avoid these risks and make money with cryptocurrency, we need to have good intuition and we need to know how to maintain our inner peace. All forms of money have the nature of energy. Like any energy, the energy of money must move, otherwise it will gradually extinguish. If this energy is accumulated too much, there is a danger that it will get out of investor's control , or even take control over him. Of course, the sums at which this starts happening are different for each individual or institution, but no one can avoid it.

A special security symbol has been created to help cryptocurrency investors. Through a special activation process, this symbol can strengthen the owner’s inner strength and ability to control and direct the energies associated with money. This symbol can protect the owner from all the negative effects of instability and panic in the cryptocurrency market. The symbol strengthens the owner's intuition and inner peace, which is a key condition for successful operations in the field of finance.

We must not forget that money, especially a larger amount of money, sooner or later begins to push a person, not in the direction of personal development and self-realization, but in the direction of subordination to one's ego.

The consequences can be very serious, and present potential problems and issues for him and his loved ones. This symbol is therefore created in order to help its owner not to lose himself and his meaning of existence in these processes, but to successfully follow the path of his self-realization.

It is made by hand, with gold and silver color and digitally processed into NFT format, so we could only make 99 copies. Each of the 99 copies is an original and only the original has the described energy impact and power over its user.
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We challenge all people that are in doubt about our NFT to do the following: download the pic to your phone and set it as wallpaper.

We can guarantee you from our own experiences, that it will:
  • Calm you down in general;
  • Help you make better and correct decisions in life;
  • Keep you calm and clear minded even through tough situations which stressed you before:


DWP Special Collection SOLD OUT!

DWP SPECIAL collection

Congrats to each one of lucky buyers who got DWP WHITE SALE NFT for exclusive opening price!

The floor price instantly jumped from 0.99 ETH to 4.99 ETH Ethereum


Total votes: 5172

Final voting results for the suggested floor price of DWP NFT are here.


Story behind the idea

Thinking about how almost every person carries a lucky charm in their wallet or something that brings them luck, when we got the idea.


Long awaited mint is coming soon
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20% 0.99 ETH
66% 9.99 ETH
12% 99.9 ETH
2% 999 ETH


Exclusive Limited 99 NFT!

  1. Our product is going to be NFT - DWP the one and only UTILITY NFT!
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Big news for VPAD hodlers!

All VPAD token holders will have a chance and priority to get our product!

Why we chose VPAD? It is one of the biggest and the fastest growing crypto communities with big crypto names and whales behind it (like Chris MMCrypto etc.) and the project is one of a kind.


Amazing news for Moon by REDDIT hodlers!

We are announcing our first news today! We will give 1 big news each week for all our followers, so stay tuned!

All MOON by Reddit token holders will have a chance and priority to get our product!

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Our story

Our story began in 2021 when a team of:
  • World scientists (including one nuclear physicist)
  • Sacred geometry experts and
  • Crypto experts (“aka whales”)
developed special limited 99 products, which are going to be available on our website on March 20, 2022.

Why 99 products?

9 is a sacred number. It represents completion as it's the last of the single-digit numbers - the highest number. 9 is called the magic number. People with lucky number 9, holding it in any way, are the creators and encourage other people to live a happy and non stressful life, weaving their souls to shape their destiny inspired by their dreams. You can become one of them by owning 1 of our limited products soon!

Why March 20th?

It is marked as the International Day of Happiness. The date March 20th is chosen wisely because it relates to all the natural processes. It is scientifically proven that owning one of these products is going to achieve happiness at it’s best ;)

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In the recent 8 years in crypto we discovered the biggest problems that hurt crypto hodlers. There are 2 main problems every and each crypto holder has:
  • When and what to sell or when and what to buy.
  • Greed factor.
We have decided to create exclusive 99 products, each unique to its owner.

Each one of these products will have dedicated special properties. There will be an option to give buyers the freedom to customize their product to some extent. I.e., adding info and properties that are important to the buyer.


A lot of interest was shown from crypto exchanges and digital wallet owners. Because the number of products will be limited to just 99, there will be a huge demand for them in the future. Getting yourself one at the very beginning, would be a win.

We are giving you a chance to pre-order for an exclusive price. Contact us and we will discuss all the details.
Issues turned into opportunity


This project is about protecting the values that are most important for crypto holders.


Your funds and assets are always at risk. Achieving success is not the end of the game. You must protect your success. You must protect your wealth, your future, your children and their children, and generations to come long after you are gone. Ensure your legacy will live forever.

Wisdom and intuition for good decisions.

Because of the crypto market growth rate and volatility, a lot of you became very wealthy very quickly. It was not just luck; good and wise decisions were made at the right time. Don’t be scared that this is just temporary with something bad happening along the way. Fear will force you to make bad decisions and put your wealth at risk. Our products will help you to be more open and connected, see things differently, absorb more information and indicators, and make you better at evaluating what will happen in the future.


Most people work very hard all their life and never become owners. They are not masters of their time but rather slaves, who resent the life fulfilment of other successful people who really live in freedom. They are mostly resentful towards you, crypto whales. You are what all people dream of and want to become more than anything else. You have made it and now you have to protect it. Do not put your dreamy reality at risk. You have a responsibility to protect the prosperity you have created.