Home News 2/15/2022

Big news for VPAD hodlers!

All VPAD token holders will have a chance and priority to get our product!

Why we chose VPAD? It is one of the biggest and the fastest growing crypto communities with big crypto names and whales behind it (like Chris MMCrypto etc.) and the project is one of a kind.

VPAD Social

Website: https://www.vlaunch.com/
Telegram: VLaunchCOMToken
Twitter: VLaunchCOM


Chris MM Crypto
Chris MM Crypto
Twitter: MMCrypto
Youtube: MMCryptoTube
Instagram: chrismmcrypto
Crypto MO
Crypto MO
Twitter: CryptoMo
Youtube: UCxPSRtCaRiVUhY-Nnj_eCxA

You can buy VPAD on Bittrex, Uniswap, Bitmart etc.

We also opened a CONTACT form on our website, where you can suggest your own token, and our dedicated team will check it. Each month a token with the biggest amount of votes will be added as a token with priority to get our product on March 20th!

PS.: There is already 1368 people signed up for the product and only 99 products available! To join them subscribe to our WHITELIST, follow us on Twitter / Instagram and stay tuned for the March, 20th!