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Long awaited mint is coming soon
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Because of the huge interest in the project, big amount of subscribers and questions about the initial price of our NFT we have decided to give you an option to VOTE!

Before we put our NFT on OpenSea market, we are giving you an option to vote on your opinion for the bottom price of DWP NFT:

20% 0.99 ETH
66% 9.99 ETH
12% 99.9 ETH
2% 999 ETH

Remember and keep in mind:
  1. There is only 99 EVER minted NFT available!
  2. There are already 3387 subscribers on our WHITELIST!
  3. There are 2 whales behind the project, lot’s of reservations already

WHITELIST now, join 3387 subscribers and get a chance for the priority on the list!

To make a bid for the whole project send us message via contact form.