Home News 3/14/2022

Story behind the idea

Thinking about how almost every person carries a lucky charm in their wallet or something that brings them luck, when we got the idea.

Women having or carrying something red, may that be a red wallet or a red purse for luck or protection! People from all around the globe have something in their wallets or around their wrists! A lot of people are carrying a lucky coin or a banknote that they got as a gift from someone special, and these things, the banknote or the coin that they think is bringing them luck, they would never sell.

Just like them, we have a special items from Nikola Tesla, which repels bad energy and a whale behind the project is carrying three 500€ banknotes in his wallet at all times for luck.

Ever since he is doing that, I always have a lot of money in my wallet, luck seems to follow me and money problems are in the past!

All of that got us thinking about diversifying and protecting crypto wallets with emphasis on protection!

Because we have been dealing with cryptocurrencies since 2014, we thought that we could also somehow protect the energies in our digital wallets with ethereum, bitcoin and other cryptos.

Since we put a lot of time and dedication into our creator / God, Akashic records and energies of The Universe, we have realized that we could connect all of it together and create a special protection shield in NFT form with special symbols and do special rituals all together to protect and connect everything with the universe, and thereby protect the digital wallet including all it's funds…

Hereby a person who would like to protect their funds held on blockchain technology, would simply place this NFT sign/symbol on this digital wallet and leave it there as long as they have funds on it, and these funds would be much safer – protected!

At the same time, this picture (NFT) with all it's symbols, colors and implemented rituals, would work on the owner's subconscious when looking at the picture and thinking about having it in their wallet, so that the owner would make increasingly better and reasonable decisions about when to sell or buy, and what share of cryptocurrency to sell or buy and then put it in the wallet.

We found out on our own that people who hold cryptocurrencies have a problem, because they are always in fear for not knowing when to sell or buy to get the maximum, feeling that we bought it at the right price etc.
This NFT will have a calming effect on all that, so we would make more proper decisions and thus gain more "yield" from our cryptocurrencies.