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We challenge all people that are in doubt about our NFT to do the following thing: download the pic below to your phone. Set it as wallpaper (see the pics).

Keep the pic on your phone for some period, for example a month.

We can guarantee you from our own experiences, that it will:
  • Calm you down in general;
  • Help you make better and correct decisions in life;
  • Keep you calm and clear minded even through tough situations which stressed you before:

Image and effect on your conscious and subconscious mind:

Front structure
  • Self realization;
  • Spiritual and self progress;
  • Spiritual and self development;

Back structure:
  • Observer of our history;
  • Gathering of informations from our life and previous lifes;
  • Connected with pineal gland;

Right structure:
  • Tightly related with physical world;
  • Animal principle of human being;
  • Prevents and helps stop cycling with the same issues over and and over again - breaks the loop;

Left structure:
  • Connects with spiritual world and sacral knowledge of material world, a “magical” level;
  • Clearness of the mind;
  • General soul path;

Please let us know how your life in general changed in a few weeks 🙂

Make a screenshot or download the pic below on your phone. Then set it as wallpaper.

DWP Wallpaper

On the phone

DWP Wallpaper on Phone

DWP Wallpaper on Phone

♥️ Safety, prosperity, correct decisions ♥️